Friday, 12 April 2019

Home Practice: YogaGlo

They often tell you that once you start teaching your own practice starts going downhill... And it's true (sad but true). Ever since I relocated to Harrogate I struggled to keep up with my yoga - I felt my flexibility and strength were slipping away from me. I tried various places and teachers but couldn't keep it consistent. The only tools I used were a couple of videos from my Russian teachers and Yoga with Adriene. First were often too demanding and used to get me upset if I couldn't quite complete the video, the second was not challenging enough.

My approach to practice changed with my yoga qualification course - 'your practice' becomes your Sadhana. Your time on the mat, time that we use for our own [spiritual] development. Becoming a teacher enables you to 'build' your practice naturally - there was no more torment about 'what am I going to do on the mat?'. You just sit, listen, and then begin, and see where it takes you.

Sadhana takes time and dedication. Sometimes you just want an easy way out. This is where YogaGlo comes in for me and I can not recommend it enough.
It has got mountains of videos, teachers, styles, lenghts - you name it, they have it. At only $18 a month it's a no brainer for me. If you are looking to expand your practice and do more at home - try it. First month is free, and no - they didn't pay me to advertise!

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