Friday, 21 February 2020

DariYoga Spring Series

Workshop I: Yoga Classics: Head to Toe
Saturday 28/3 10am - 12pm

How to make each pose suit YOUR body and be of maximum benefit to YOU.

In the first workshop of the series we will go through some of the key poses of hatha yoga that you are certain to encounter in 99% of yoga classes.

With more time than in a regular class, we will have the luxury of spending longer in these poses to understand the principles of alignment. We will learn modifications to make key postures safe & accessible, increasing the effectiveness of your practice and also advancing in the pose depending on your ability. 

This workshop will be perfect for complete beginners of all ages and backgrounds - it will build a strong foundation and give you confidence to join group classes. And you don’t need to be able to touch your toes!

More experienced yogis will get a better understanding of the anatomy of the postures and learn how to go deeper and build it up for a challenge!

During the workshop we can discuss some of the poses as a group to understand the differences our bodies have and there will be plenty of opportunity to freely ask questions during the practice. We will provide handouts to take home so you can remember what you’ve learned and use it to start or continue your own home practice!

Workshop II. Hips and Hamstrings Workshop: Yin/Yang
Saturday 04/11 10am - 12pm

Unlock your potential by releasing the Hips and Hamstrings!

Lots of my students and people I meet from other movement worlds are really keen to work on hips & hamstrings.

Limited mobility and flexibility in these areas effect a lot of us due to our lifestyle, spending a long time seated at work or home, sports like cycling and running, over-training small movement patterns and rarely moving our hips through their full range of motion, unfortunately all of which can sometimes lead to injuries (most commonly lower back issues).

The hips are vastly complex and need many different strategies to open them effectively. The hamstrings, however, are fairly straight forward, but they are big powerful muscles and they take a lot of work to change, making these areas both challenging and interlinked to work with.

This 2-hour Workshop will:
• Show you comprehensive stretches for hamstrings and how to make them work best.
• Explore groups of asanas for inner and outer hips, breaking down the different muscles involved and moving your hips through their full range.
• Learn the application of yin and yang yoga combination to target fascia, connective tissue, ligaments and muscles.

Releasing these areas can vastly improve your movement and posture keeping you injury free! This is great for daily life, your yoga practice and activities where mobility of the legs is important like climbing, dancing and martial arts etc.

Workshop III. Arm Balances and Inversions Workshop
Saturday 09/05 10am - 12pm

Invigorate your entire body and change your perspective!

This area of practice is the most requested focus for workshops by my students, and it’s easy to understand why!

The amazing feeling of flight that you can achieve with arm balances, when only your hands are touching the floor! The adrenaline & lightness when flipping your world upside down! Many students are tantalisingly close, and for those who can, it’s addictive!

This session would benefit everyone with a desire to break through to the next level in their practice, whether it’s to perform their first arm balance, or to master all of them.

I will breakdown several of the key arm balances, and look at the ‘benchmarks’ of strength & flexibility required to achieve each one. Together identifying our individual missing links, tackling them with exercises to unlock these tricky postures. 

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to safely approaching inversions for students at every level, finding the best way for you to get upside down! This will involve breaking down the technique for Headstand & Handstand, learning how to build your personal inversion practice and achieve your goals. 

This workshop is open to all, but in order to get the most from it, a level of strength and fitness is required. 
Having the ability to hold plank position and do a push up is ideal, any more than that is fantastic.
Female practitioners need to be aware that inversions are not recommended during your period.

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