Friday, 12 April 2019

Current reads: Yoga Critical Alignment

I have been interested in this method for a while now - my friend is an adept and teaches Critical Alignment in Moscow. There is a lot of promise and intrigue around the method, but sadly it's not represented in the UK. On my recent trip to Moscow I attended 2 classes - only to leave for home straight after I was beginning to get hooked!
I bought the book a while ago and started reading it only to abandon it after less than 100 pages. This is my 2nd attempt - I felt that after I had actually been to class I can make more sense of it.
It's quite dry and takes a long time to process chapters - it is definitely more of an academic text that light reading.
I am a bit of a yoga 'meloman' and like trying new things/styles, so I would like to try practising this style on my own and am going to invest in some kit soon.
I will keep you posted about progress on this hefty tome!

To buy the book/read more about go here.

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